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The CX Crew October 24, 2013 Stuff We're Working On / Release Notes

We’re happy to announce some great enhancements to your CX web app. You’ll be able to enjoy the difference today:  


Upload: You can expect the same look and capabilities with a speedier performance - upload your photos even faster!



  • Photos By Date: photos are labeled and grouped by date

  • Multiple Photo Selection: select one or a hundred pictures at one time within a date category to share or reorganize

  • Photos Summary:if you have a lot of stored photos to look through, you can see a short view of them within each date category or select, see all.


  • Share Page: it’s been simplified to help you better manage your stuff

  • Share Files: when you want to keep a video, photo or document that was shared with you by someone who uses CX, you can easily save it with a click of a button.

The CX Crew October 24, 2013 Stuff We're Working On / Known Issues

We are aware of and currently working on a fix for the crash bug in the CX Desktop app for OSX Mavericks. We hope to have a fix for this, as well as a few additional bugs, November 1. 


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The CX Crew September 26, 2013 2 Stuff We're Working On / Release Notes

CX is excited to tell you about an enhanced photo feature! Now, you can view and share your photos in a whole new way. Not only can you see your new or stored photos displayed in an easy to view format, when you share your photos with your family, friends and colleagues, they will too.  Whether you want to send a photo to a family member who lives out of town or forward a picture from a vacation to a friend, your photos will appear instantly. Simply create a photo folder and hit share.

Taking and sharing photos is an important part of your life. Thats why over the next few months, we will continue to give you new features to make your photos even better!

Check it out here: https://www.cx.com/mycx/photos

The CX Crew September 23, 2013 Stuff We're Working On / Release Notes

Fresh off the release of CX3.0 for iOS, we have added another update, which is currently awaiting Apple's review. This will fix a number of iOS7 formatting issues and bugs. 

The CX Crew September 18, 2013 Stuff We're Working On / Release Notes

CX 3.0 has been submitted to Apple and is currently pending approval. CX 3.0 for iOS includes:

  • That iOS7 style

  • Improved image preview

  • Bug fixes (including a crash fix for iOS7 users)

We hope you enjoy the update.